Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Being Present

I had my monthy meeting with the nutritionist today. I wasn't too excited considering that the past three weeks have been a complete mess. Between being prohibited from exercising for 2+ weeks, a business trip chock full of cocktail parties and gigantic pile of work that won't go away, I gave into a "what the hell?" frame of thinking. I knew that I shouldn't have eaten an entire carton of ice cream (several nights in a row), but - hey, "what the hell?" Luckily, I only gained half a pound from these antics, but the harder part was facing my nutritionist and confessing to my willing attitude to fail.

So, how do I move forward and refocus? I need to de-stress, but not by changing the circumstances in my life. Rather, I will work on being present. I must remember that the past is the past and the future has not happened. I can only control this moment and in every decision I make, I must ask does this decision help me live the health values that I want in my life?

I like this strategy and I think it makes sense, but what if I decide "no it doesn't and I don't care"? Then, my nutritionist says I make a conscious decision to eat what I want to eat without becoming victim to the food. Have a portion that I want and throw out the rest, don't keep the carton around for me to dig my fork into all night. Eat a reasonable amount and get rid of the rest - easy enough.

So, this is my commitment to refocus and be in the moment. I am sure more issues will arrive over the next few weeks, but at least I am working on it. And, I am not working only on what I eat but WHY I eat.

Wish me luck!

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