Friday, July 31, 2009


Usually on Fridays I wake up with a bounce in my step, but then I realize with the weekend comes increased instances of eating out and unpredictable schedules. As a result, I am terrified of my days off.

I am convinced that I successfully lose weight during the weekdays (as shown on my scale) and then I immediately gain it back. I need to learn how to conquer this fear and these situations. Otherwise, I will never maintain success.

So, I turn to the world. How do you get through the weekends without sabatoging your success? Can you still be social and successful? Any ideas or tips?

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Being Present

I had my monthy meeting with the nutritionist today. I wasn't too excited considering that the past three weeks have been a complete mess. Between being prohibited from exercising for 2+ weeks, a business trip chock full of cocktail parties and gigantic pile of work that won't go away, I gave into a "what the hell?" frame of thinking. I knew that I shouldn't have eaten an entire carton of ice cream (several nights in a row), but - hey, "what the hell?" Luckily, I only gained half a pound from these antics, but the harder part was facing my nutritionist and confessing to my willing attitude to fail.

So, how do I move forward and refocus? I need to de-stress, but not by changing the circumstances in my life. Rather, I will work on being present. I must remember that the past is the past and the future has not happened. I can only control this moment and in every decision I make, I must ask does this decision help me live the health values that I want in my life?

I like this strategy and I think it makes sense, but what if I decide "no it doesn't and I don't care"? Then, my nutritionist says I make a conscious decision to eat what I want to eat without becoming victim to the food. Have a portion that I want and throw out the rest, don't keep the carton around for me to dig my fork into all night. Eat a reasonable amount and get rid of the rest - easy enough.

So, this is my commitment to refocus and be in the moment. I am sure more issues will arrive over the next few weeks, but at least I am working on it. And, I am not working only on what I eat but WHY I eat.

Wish me luck!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Outing Myself

I just came back from the BlogHer '09 on behalf of my company, which shall remain nameless, where I was inspired by the thousands of women who share their lives and journey's online through their blogs. After a few conversations with some inspiring women, I've decided a few things:
  1. I need to out myself and not remain anonymous.
  2. I need to make a commitment to post once in a while.
  3. I need to celebrate others who write about the same things that I care about.
So, let's start with #1...

Hi, My name is Lea and I live in California. I started this blog back in April and then for many reasons, or rather excuses, I quickly ignored this effort. However, I hope to share with you my daily struggles, triumphs and challenges in my fight against the bulge. I suspect more of my posts will be about my weaknesses, but maybe this process will lead to a little enlightenment.