Sunday, April 19, 2009

Welcome! I am the infinite snacker..

If you're just landing on this blog by accident, you might wonder who am I? Well, the truth is...I'm no one special. I am just the average girl who happens to love food. Having faced a weight issue most of my life, I am a perpetual dieter who is never not on a weight loss journey. So, in my current attempt to set the record straight, I will share with you my new strategies, my constant weaknesses and my ongoing battle with the bulge--because this is war. Maybe one day I will figure out this thing called weight loss! But in the meantime here is a little bit about me in pictures and words...

  • I love anything (and I mean anything) covered in chocolate chips
  • I am obsessed with Spinning--even though it hasn't let to much weight loss
  • Ice cream is my weakness (especially when filled with Oreos)
  • I have a big butt and everything I eat goes straight to my thighs
  • I weigh myself everyday and it determines whether I am having a good day or a bad one
  • I suspect I have a distorted self view
  • My battle with weight makes me want to pull my hair out, or at least kick and scream once and a while
  • I am a professional women who finds it really challenging to juggle social situations while being "good"
Image sources: Cookies from One Whole Clove; Spin Bikes from NY Mag ; Oreos Ice Cream from Best Stuff; Butt image from Sonja Bailes ; Scale from Weight Matters ; Mirror from Geekology; Hair pulling from Julie James Hypnotherapy; Blackberry from Minnesota Public Radio

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